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  • The trip starts between 7h00 and 12h00 in the morning from Kleinbaai harbour, which is 2 km along the coast from the village of Gansbaai.
  • However, times may vary due to the tides and expected sea conditions.
  • You will be personally notified,(sms to the mobile number or email address provided during booking) after 17:00 the day before your dive, about the time you must meet at our crew house.
  • After a continental breakfast (no greasy foods which will result in possible sea-sickness), payments are undertaken and indemnities signed.
  • We will give a full safety briefing on land during which you will be informed of the route, the boat, and the possible marine wildlife you might encounter during the trip.
  • After a 2 minute walk to the harbour, you will board our custom built vessel,  Apex Predator
  • We will then launch to Dyer Island, Joubert's Dam or anchor spot chosen at the discretion of the skipper based on current sightings and weather conditions.
  • The round trip to and from the harbour usually takes 3 to 4 hours.
  • After dropping anchor, we begin attracting Great Whites with a specially - formulated ‘Chum’ mixture, made from completely legal ingredients, which has taken Brian McFarlane years to perfect, and is a highly-guarded trade secret. Sharks are seen 99.9% of our trips!
  • MANDATE AGAINST THE USE OF SHARK PRODUCTS – Great White Shark Tours do not at any stage feed the sharks nor use any part of a shark product in their ‘secret chum mixture’ and have signed a mandate to this effect.
  • Once the Great White Sharks arrive, you will have the opportunity to photograph these apex predators in their natural environment feeding at the surface, right alongside the boat. This is when you enter the shark cage!
  • We recommend that you book well in advance and allow at least 2 days for diving in case of adverse weather conditions. Passengers are exposed to the open sea while travelling to and from the 2 islands. At the islands the boat is anchored off the lee sides and protected bays.
  • Vinyl side curtains give additional protection from the wind and sea spray.


  • Safety briefings are given and passengers must pay attention. For your own safety the skippers' instructions must be obeyed at all times.
  • We have a 20 year unblemished safety record
  • We hold a $500million policy covering us for negligence whilst you are on the boat or in the cage.
  • A certificate with substantial shark info will be handed to each participant on completion of the trip. View PDF
  • Great White Sharks are surface feeders and can be seen and photographed from the surface.
  • The 12mm galvanised steel cage is of the floating type and is attached to the boat at all times.
  • The divers are no more than half a meter below the surface.
  • Two highly skilled Dive Masters and a Level Three Mediac with O² Management supervise all the dives.
  •  The boat has two qualified skippers on board.
  • The boat and operations are monitored by SAMSA ( South African Marine Safety Association), MCM ( Marine & Coastal Management) and SA Nature Conservation.
  • This ensures that our guests experience the most spectacular Great White Shark viewing and diving in complete safety.

The Boat – Apex Predator

  • Apex Predator, Brian McFarlane’s latest modern hi-tech custom-built catamaran is the envy of every boating enthusiast. The vessel is fitted  with a spacious cabin and sheltered seating, dive platform, separate toilet. It is sleek, fast and comfortable. The boat can take as many as 40 passengers per trip, but you will never feel crowded.
  • Apex Predator is inspected annually by the Department of Marine & Coastal Management. Our boat and entire operation have been diligently scrutinized by the controlling bodies of the South African Government and have been awarded one of only 8 permits available in this part of Africa to take you down to see these giants.
  • A new galvanized steel cage was recently put into service and are routinely inspected and certified by a qualified engineer.
  • Our friendly and experienced qualified dive masters will help you at each step of the dive.

The Shark Cage

  • No experience is required if you want to go down in the cage.
  • It is breath holding and going under the water for no more than half a meter.
  • Sometimes the water will be extremely rough or far too murky to use the cage. However, viewing from the boat is still an awesome experience, with excellent photo opportunities.
  • The cage is of the floating-variety type and is custom-built to the highest quality standard with 12mm galvanized steel mesh. The sharks cannot get inside.  Our viewing gap is now 230mm.
  •  The cage is 4.2 meters long and can hold 8 divers at a time
  • The cage is attached with ropes to the boat at all times.
  • All diving equipment is supplied. All of our 7mm wetsuits are in good condition, leak-free and easy to put on and take off.
  • Every diver will be provided with a dry, clean wetsuit.
  •  We also supply dry towels after the dive.
  • The cage floats right next to the boat and is easy to access, so you can climb out at any time.
  • We hold a $500million policy covering us for negligence whilst you are on the boat or in the cage.

Viewing Season

  • The Great Whites are not always in ‘Shark Alley’ all year round, but the best viewing months for clear water are from March to September.
  • Shark sightings are most numerous and there are more sharks in the winter months, because the water temperature is warmer and there is no algae bloom during this time.

 Shark Alley - The famous great white shark island

  • Dyer Island lies 5 miles (8 km) offshore, near the village of Gansbaai is the home to the endangered African Penguin and various migrating birds.
  • Nearby, Geyser Rock supports a colony of 60,000 Cape Fur Seals….these guys are the reason the Great White Sharks move to this area.
  • Shark Alley is the channel between 2 islands,  Dyer Island and Geyser Rock and is protected from the worst of the Southern Atlantic’s weather…this is where we normally anchor our boat, Apex Predator.
  • The islands and Shark Alley itself are teeming with life. Cape Fur Seals, Jackass Penguins, and a wide variety of sea birds are commonly seen from the boat. From July to November, Southern Right Whales are spotted almost every day as well! Dolphins very often swim next to the boat.
  • As per Lonely Planet’s 2011 BEST IN TRAVEL:
    The best places to go and things to do all round the world right now:
    No 1 Best Underwater Experiences Diving with Great Whites, Gansbaai, South Africa.

Passenger requirements and equipment

  • If you are prone to motion or seasickness we suggest you speak to your pharmacist to get professional medication which must be taken prior to the trip.
  • Pregnant women should consult their physician prior to their trip.
  • Shark cage diving with Great White Shark Tours does not require any scuba certification. No experience is needed to go down in the cage. You simply hold your breath and go underwater for a few seconds.
  • Surface viewing of the Great White Sharks are just as spectacular as the great white cage diving, as sharks are surface feeders and can be observed closely and photographed from the boat.
  • All diving equipment consisting of wetsuits, booties, towels, masks and wet weather protective jackets are supplied at no additional charge for the cold and water spray.
  • Warm clothing including a change of underwear, a cap, sun block, camera & film are essential items for the trip.
  • A variety of fresh bread rolls, water, cool drinks, fruit & other snacks are provided for self-help on board.
  • A DVD capturing the priceless memories of the trip is also available at an additional cost, after the trip.

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