Shark Info

  • Great White Sharks are the world’s largest predatory fish, reaching over 6 meters (20 feet) in length. Armed with a lethal mouthful of serrated, razor-sharp daggers and powerful enough to launch their 1-ton bodies clear of the water; they are the ocean’s top predator and are the most feared denizen of the sea to both sailors and sea creatures alike.
  • Their diet includes other sharks and marine mammals, including dolphins and Cape Fur Seals. At Shark Alley, the
    seals are in a constant state of fear for their lives. Normally, the Great White is a migratory predator, but with so
    many tasty seals hanging around…..why leave??? On occasion, natural predation can be seen from our boat
    when an unfortunate seal is seized. Have your cameras ready!!
  • When you come upon one of these magnificent creatures of the sea, you cannot help having a great amount of
    respect, and you will truly consider yourself to be among a very lucky and very small group of witnesses. There
    are not many people in this ‘special’ club.
  • The Great White Shark has many awesome features, and it is truly an amazing animal. The scientific name for
    the Great White is Carcharodon Carcharias.
  • The male Great White reaches maturity at around 13 years of age and the female at 20 years. The average size 21
    feet. The Great White Shark has litters of 7-9 pups. The females may only reproduce twice in her whole life. Clearly,
    this is truly a most majestic animal.

For more shark information visit Wikipedia.