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  • White shark 1

     Daily Blog Friday 11 October 2019

    Welcome to Great White Shark Tours first blog post. Today we launched at 10 am with a fresh southerly wind with a slight swell, other than that it's been a beautiful day so far. 

    Today also we are privileged to have Mr South Africa 2019 Heinrich Gabler and Mr South Africa 2017 Brendt Wayne joining us on our tour. 

    Along with the 32 other passengers, we left Kleinbaai Harbour. The trip to the dive spot known as Joubert se dam takes approximately 10 minutes. 

    We dropped the anchor and cage and started the chumming process, this is a mixture of fish products. After our briefing ended we were greeted with 5 Bronze Whaler sharks, otherwise known as Copper Sharks, which put on a spectacular show for us. These guys are up and down the cage constantly from start to finish. 

  • Gaping shark mouth

    Daily Blog date 12/10/2019

    Today has been a spectacular day shark and weather-wise for Great White Shark Tours. 

    The trip started at 10:30 due to a low tide issue, which prevents our boat from launching due to the lack of water. The weather was just perfect, sunny day and no wind to talk of. The visibility was a bit better than our previous trip with about 2m of visibility. 

    We headed out to our normal spot at Jouberts se dam after our safety briefing. We dropped anchor and were not disappointed by both the Great White and Copper Sharks, which arrived in the first 15 minutes. 

  • 13 Oct 19 3

     Daily Blog 13 October 2019

    Another late start to the morning due to the tide, saw us launching at 10:30 again.

    Today we had a strong Easterly wind, which causes a choppy ride to the anchor spot at Jounerts se dam. When we get to the anchor spot we are sheltered by the land, this gives us a somewhat breezy albeit it calm conditions. 

    We were greeted almost immediately by 5 Bronze Whalers/Copper Sharks and 1 small Great White shark of about 3m.

  • white shark 15 oct 19

    Daily Blog 15/10/19

    Today started off as a beautiful day, unfortunately later the morning a strong Westerly just before we were scheduled to launch.

    With the guests arriving at Great White Shark Tours, we decided to brave the wind and swell and head out to our anchor spot at Joubert se dam.

    We were rewarded with 4 great white sharks for the trip, the first one of about 3m arrived within 20 minutes of us being there.

  • shark 16 oct 19 4 web banner

    Daily blog 16/10/19

    Today we left Kleinbaai Harbour at 8:46.

    There was quite a large swell running today, roughly 3.5m, with a medium-strength Southerly wind.

    When we got to the anchor site at Joubert se dam we looked for the calmest spot possible, in consideration that there might be a

     few seasick people throughout the trip. 

  • shark 18 oct 7 web

    Daily Blog 18 October 2019

    We head out today for our summer working area at Joubert se dam, the weather was slightly overcast with a very light Southerly wind.

    Within the format few minutes, we had 3 Bronze Whaler/Copper Sharks and roughly half an hour later we spotted our first Great White Shark.

  •  shark 19 oct 7 web

    Daily Blog 19/10/19

    Today's trip at Great White Shark Tours left around 8:30 to our anchor spot at Joubert se dam. It was overcast with almost no wind out of the South.

    As normal the Bronze Whaler/Copper Sharks were there within 5 minutes. Around 9 am we had our first of the 2 Great White Sharks spotted. The first Great White Shark was a 4m male that was putting on a brilliant show for our guests. The 2nd Great White Shark of about 2m arrived around 10 am and didn't do much around the boat. At 10:30 we got our 3rd Great White Shark of about 3m which also out on a good show

  •  sharks 22oct 6 web

    Daily Blog 22/10/19

    Today started with a heavy easterly wind, we launched after the wind started dropping. At 10 am we dropped our anchor at Joubert se dam.

    Within 5 minutes we had 10 Bronze Whaler/Copper Sharks. By 10:20am we had our first Great White Shark of the day, a 3m female. Later the day we spotted another 2 Great White Sharks, a 3.5m female and a 4m male. There was also a small Great White swimming in the distance of about 2m that never came close at all. 

  • shark 4 nov 19 5

    Daily Blog 4/11/19

    We had a 9am launch today to our anchor spot at Joubert se dam. Was quite a strong Easterly wind blowing,

    which flattens the work area as we are sheltered by the land. 

    Today started off as usual with about 10 Bronze Whaler/Copper Sharks around the boat within in the first few minutes. 

  •  belly button

    The diversity of sharks is just amazing

    White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) are migratory, apex predators, which have undergone significant population declines. We have to understand the shark ecology to ensure our management strategies are effective.


  • Great White in good vizibility

    A shark’s sharp teeth aren’t the only reason we find them so scary---their ability to smell blood in the water, even from a long distance, is also a big factor. We know they’ll find us.

    But how do they know what direction to swim in order to find a wounded fish (or person)? Conventional wisdom says that they follow trails of scent based on differences in the concentration of odour molecules detected by each nostril. Not so, say marine biologists in a new study in the journal Current Biology. They say it’s all in the timing.

  • Daddy sharks are tougher

    Photo: - Lukas Fourie, Infinity Films

    It's not just their teeth and jaws that people find so captivating. It's also their funky shapes and unique skeletal makeup that capture attention.

    Unlike humans and most land animals, sharks have mineralized cartilage skeletons instead of bones. This allows them to move at unbelievable speeds through the water. Since cartilage weighs less than bone and is less dense, sharks can bend, swim, and maneuver in the ocean much differently than their bony fish counterparts.

  •  Shark Myth

    Recent media reports highlighting the absence of great white sharks in False Bay has resulted in much confusion for shark cage diving tourists to South Africa and the tourism industry at large. Gansbaai is 2 hours from Cape Town and is referred to as the White Shark Capital of the World

    Great White Shark Tours had been enjoying incredible white shark sightings in Gansbaai over the past few months. The shark industry had a couple of tough years with the white sharks shifting their territory in 2017 and 2018 but the 2019 great white sightings can be compared to the excellent 2016 white shark activity. 

  • Shark Cage Diving Specials with Great White Shark Tours

    We want to make shark cage diving accessible to everyone and therefore we run special offers from time to time.

    Watch this space for competitions and discounted prices which will make a bucket list shark cage diving trip an adventure you can afford.

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    Great White Shark Tours - Bellamente Guesthouse

    Shark Cage Diving  Special

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     Bellamente 2020 Rates

    Book this special from 1 January 2019 -31 December 2019

    • Diver package - R2500 per person sharing
    • Includes 1 x night accommodation, exhilarating boat ride shark cage dive and hearty non-fatty the crew house
    •  Non-diver package - R2300 per person sharing
    • Includes 1 x night accommodation, exhilarating boat ride and watching the shark activity from the boat and not in the cage and a hearty, non-fatty breakfast at the crew house.


    • Dinner and drinks
    • Bellamente Guest House can cater for dinner @ R290pp for a 3-course meal.
    • Minimum of  6 people.
    • Transfer from the guesthouse in De Kelders to Kleinbaai ( 10km)

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    What Bellamnete Guesthouse offers:

    • Free WiFi
    • Barbecue Facilities
    • Balcony with sea view
    • 6 km from Shark Cage Diving
    • Free, secure private parking

    Room Facilities

    • A flat-screen TV with satellite channels
    • Selected rooms with a seating area
    • Private bathrooms
    • Complimentary bathroom amenities & hairdryer

    Contact Details

    13 Cove Street, De Kelders Gansbaai
    Tel: +27 (0)28 384 0186
    Mobile +27 (0)  66 214 1595
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Contact Details

No. 8 Swart Street, Kleinbaai, Gansbaai, South Africa

GPS: 34° 36'52"S - 19º 21'18"E

Phone: +27 (0) 28 384 1418

Mobile: +27 (0) 83 300 2138