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While a great white shark’s 300 serrated teeth are an amazing hunting adaptation, what’s even more amazing is their replaceability. In a lifetime, each shark can grow up to 20,000 of them. 

shark senses gaping mouth

When this predator comes for you, you don't see the shark, you just see two-inch triangular teeth. For decades this ancient hunting machine has terrified beachgoers across the globe.

Triangular razor sharp teeth

This mouth of razorblades is just a necessary feeding apparatus of a super-sized fish. The great white shark is one of the world’s most notorious predators. But still, it would be nothing without its 300 serrated teeth. They’re designed to rip and grip through flesh, much like we use a knife and fork.  And its jaw crunches down with almost two tonnes of force.

What is even more frightening is this fearsome fish has a never-ending supply of battle-ready blades. The great white’s teeth a rooted in the soft cartilage, not bone, and often fall out or break. Its solution is rows of replacement teeth found inside the jawbone. The new teeth roll info action like a vending machine; meaning razor-sharp weapons are always at the ready. A great white can go through over 20 000 teeth in its lifetime.

shark senses collage

Hear without ears

When hunting seals off Gansbaai at the coast of South Africa, the bizarre but fascinating senses lead her to her next victim.The great white does not have regular ears for hearing. Inst, ad she hears with minuscule hairs found in tiny fluid-filled tubes along both sides of her body. When the colony leaves the safety of the rocky island for deep sea fishing grounds, not a single splash or jump, goes unheard by this shark’s weird auditory system.

Scent of a seal

 The great white’s nostrils are 10 000 times more sensitive than human ears. They can detect a single drop of seal oil in a body of water the equivalent of an Olympic sized swimming pool. Tiny jelly-filled pores on her nose can absorb minute electrical pulses created by the muscular contractions of moving prey, meaning this fishy beast can home in on a single seal’s heartbeat.

shark senses eye

Blue eyes

This super predator’s eyes are also five times the size of ours. And behind each retina lie crystal plates that reflect light in the murky water.

There is nothing a seal can do against a three-ton fish with a  mouth full of blades.

There is nowhere to hide.


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No. 8 Swart Street, Kleinbaai, Gansbaai, South Africa

GPS: 34° 36'52"S - 19º 21'18"E

Phone: +27 (0) 28 384 1418

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