About Us

The owner and founder Brian McFarlane is a professional diver and skipper who has always made a living from the sea. He started diving for perlemoen (abalone) at a young age, then moved on to become a commercial fisherman for 6 years and spent another 6 years diving in search of wrecks along the southern coast of Africa. This was followed by the diving for diamonds from the sea bed for the next 20 years.

He has become a local legend with his fascinating tales about the sea and underwater experiences. During the time
when Great White Shark fishing was allowed, Brian caught Great Whites, some weighing more than 1 ton.
Today, he dearly regrets this and now spends his time and efforts in finding the great beasts to be observed
and photographed at close range. Brian has worked with the Great Whites for 18 years, and has only had
6 non-sighting days in the last 10 years. This is unequaled in the industry and therefore is the ONLY operator
to offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and not a voucher for a replacement dive.

The owner and founder of Great White Shark Tours cc believes that…

  1. Every tourist who dives is entititled to have a shark swim past him or her an acceptable number of times,
    even though this means that the average trip length is longer than other operators where in many cases
    only single trips are done in a day.
  2. He will be personally involved in the operation and will go out as the skipper, spending time with his customers
    and educating them about both the sharks and the sea.

This in turn gives rise to his vision statement of:

“Provide clients with an unforgettable educational trip, diving and viewing great white
sharks that we respect and will protect”

The waters around Shark Alley are his territory, and he knows them well.

Our crew consists of Anthony Melly, Gert Boshoff, Eric Booker, Happy Tyalo and Dira Tyalo, who each
have in total more than 10 years experience in the industry and has all the necessary qualifications,
which are regularly updated by attending refresher courses. These highly experienced operators are trained in CPR Management and have a media flow chart on board in case of an emergency. Brian has a hi-tech Catamaran, comfortable and perfect for Great White Cage Diving and Surface Viewing! To view the boat fitted with four 200 hp eco friendly engines, go to the Gallery page.